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?How people shop today

The move also indicates an understanding of the way people shop today. Consumers move seamlessly between desktop, tablet, and mobile — and even bring their mobile devices in-store for price research and product comparisons.
Essentially, the choice between shopping in a store and ordering online isn’t about absolute preference; it’s about what is most convenient for the customer in any given moment, and the majority of people switch back and forth between the two on a daily basis. The online/offline pop-in concept acknowledges this freedom of choice.
Physical and the digital have irreversibly merged.

The idea

Taking the idea omnichannel with our pop-in concept: Pop-in a different category of products each month, and shoppers can “pop-in” to check them out either online or in select pop up stores.
Each month, we present new and often brands, designers and ideas built on a different theme
Up next?
The idea of presenting certain goods to shoppers for a limited time only isn’t new — but the idea of creating an online and offline pop-up to promote them is.

Our Pop Ups

Our pop ups are custom built to provide a fun, collaborative and inspiring shopping environment for omnichannel costumers.
The customer will see the final price including all costs to his door step
Our solution allows the customer to try on and choose, like in any shop Our shipping costs will be very low, allowing the brand to offer the customer the best available total price Partnering with the leading courier in Israel allows us very fast delivery times.
We seamlessly connecting physical stores to the digital world.

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